Sunday, June 13, 2010


FINAL SUBMISSION - Perspective Vignettes

Gallery in the siteView from King streetView from the back
Sculpture courtyard
Stair acts as a display space
Main painting display space
Office Area

FINAL SUBMISSION - Room Rendering, Gallery Space, 1:50

FINAL SUBMISSION - Plan, Section Drawings

Final A2 Posters

2nd Proposal

I kept the initial concept at this stage. However, I made some changes after talking to my tutor.
The ground level sculpture courtyard is covered by glazed glass panels due to the security issue.
The shape of second level painting display space is changed to make the stair wider.
Glass windows are used in part of the painting display space to create interaction between the courtyard and the display area. It also aims to encourage people to go upstairs to see more art works. At the sametime, it allows visitors upstairs to view the sculptures in different angles.
I cut the facade in an angle to attract the pedestrains on King street.

Initial Ideas

The gallery space is mainly for displaying cotemporary art works owned by the dealer. It aims to encourage people to come inside because of its commercial role. And a living space at the back for a young dealer who is enthusiastic about art and his buisiness.

The first idea I had was to make the ground floor mainly a sculpture courtyard which is completely transparent to the public due to the density of traffic and people activities on King street. It aims to invite the people go inside. Then visitors could go up to the painting display area through stairs at the both sides. The gallery space for painting displays is like a loop shape so that visitors could finish all art works through one circulation.

The office and storage spaces are arranged at the back on ground level. His apartment is above the office and storage area. The purpose of this is to let him keep an eye on the art displays while he is in the office space, and allow him to sometimes get rid of his busy work and relax in his apartment apartment. However, the apartment area is connected to his working area since he is interested in art and his business.